Issues of Abuse

Abuse can occur within any relationship construct, whether familial, professional, or social, and it can also occur between strangers. Abuse is not always physical and can take many forms with secrecy and shame often maintaining the abuse. It may have occurred in childhood as in child sexual abuse or it may be in evidence when one is older from a younger member of the family as in elder abuse or in a intimate relationship with a partner.It could occur at work from a colleague or a manager bullying or harassing you. The common factor though is that it is usually rooted in the misuse of power and control and brings up feelings of fear. Abuse has the potential to have long-lasting effects on a person’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing culminating in feelings of low self worth, anger, depression, sadness, anxiety/panic attacks, lack of motivation etc. Counselling can help to restore a more positive sense of self by dealing with these feelings and the trauma that may exist.